Swirling Sands of the Sahel, co-starring Ishrat and Jacob

PCs Involved
Ishrat Al’Maliki
Jacob Claymore

Ishrat’s Tale
Two years ago i was hired by a treasure hunting group, they were searching for a lost treasure in the Sahel and needed someone who spoke the right dialect of Arabic. The Professor in charge was a man named Jacob Claymore fluent in many ancient languages but his Arabic and French were dreadful.

This treasure hunt took several months during which time I taught Jacob some Arabic and we shared our fine interests.

He spoke of this grand treasure as his life’s work which was a bit odd as he is not even middle-aged; yet but whatever drives men to search the desert for nuggets of gold or knowledge evades me.

Regardless we found the treasure he sought and got it to civilization despite Taureg attempts on our lives. The treasure was to be loaded on a plane and flown to its final resting place, some Museum in the US.

However, one of the men on the expedition had another plan for it Harry Shepherd and Jacob were to be present the entire flight but Harry threw the pilot out of the cockpit and made off to parts unknown with the artifacts. Leaving Jacob with a face full of desert sand and despondent. The words that came to my lips were, “We found it once, We can find it once more.”

Jacob’s Tale

Two years ago, I headed an expedition to find a special treasure in the Sahel. In order to do that I hired an Algerian mercenary named Ishrat Al’Maliki and his men whom I met in France as translators and security. Ishrat offered to teach me some Maghreb Arabic and improve my French and we became friends. After several months we had finally found the treasure.

I had chartered a plane to fly the treasure out to a Museum in California at Berkeley University. However, I was betrayed by my friend Harry Shepherd who hijacked the plane and flew it somewhere to the East. The thing I have been searching for was now gone somewhere but Ishrat said, “We found it once, We can find it once more”.

Swirling Sands of the Sahel, co-starring Ishrat and Jacob

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