"No not that wall this wall"!

PCs Involved
Jacob Claymore
Leon Novokoff

Jacob’s Tale

A year ago, I went on a expedition to find the treasures of the Gaius Julius Caesar. My Russian friend Leon Novokoff, a demolition expert. While searching for the treasure we came across a labyrinth which had an engraving in Latin on the tomb entrance, “This labyrinth is where Gaius Julius Caesar rests in peace with all of his treasures”.

Me and Leon went through the labyrinth around corners, through passages, and found a wall in our path. I had told him to blow it up but he misheard me because his English is not so good, and he blew up the wrong wall.

We had to got out of the labyrinth because the place was falling apart. Fortunately the wall he had blown up turned out to be a way out so, I’ll give him credit for that and Caesar’s treasures are safe under that rubble so that no tomb robbers come.

"No not that wall this wall"!

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