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  • Jacob Claymore

    Now I work as a professor of ancient languages at the university of California at Berkeley. I was raised in San Francisco in the Bay area. My family is me and my wife, Annabelle Claymore who had died of a heart attack. I have a nine year old son, Adam and …

  • Ishrat Al'Maliki

    From the Journal of Ishrat; *The Mediterranean Connection* I didn't start as a mercenary, my father supported a French Algeria believing it was best. That didn't sit well with the FLN and we became refugees. I was educated in Lyons and took an …

  • Leon Novokoff

    Well since you were so kind to ask I will give you the story of my life. I grew up in Moscow I barely passed school before joining the Russian military I didn't really care for it though there was just too many rules I'm too many people telling you …

  • Herona Parks

    British Crossed over with Russian in second story Past with Algerian to take out the same guy; they killed the wrong guy.

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