Nathan Drake

Worldly Treasure Hunter with a Clouded Past


Nathan Drake


High Concept: Worldly Treasure Hunter with a Clouded Past
Trouble: Enemies on Every Continent
Relationships are More Important than the Job
In Deep with Sully
Climbs Like a Spider Monkey


Careful +1
Clever +2
Flashy +3
Forceful +1
Quick +2
Sneaky +0


Because I have extensive knowledge of the past, I get a +2 bonus to Clever attempts to decipher symbols or ancient languages.

Because I am an expert climber, I get a +2 bonus to overcome any situation that involves hanging from a ledge.

Because I will do anything in a fight, once per scene I get a +2 to sneakily create an advantage.

Stress Consequences
1 2 3 2 4 6
(None) (None) (None)

Nate grew up an orphan in Cartagena, Columbia. One fateful day, he tried to pick the wrong guy’s pocket: a treasure hunter by the name of Victor Sullivan. Ever since that day, he has been close to Sully, in the trenches with him to seek out their next job.

He claims to be the descendent of the famous British explorer Sir Francis Drake, although Drake never had any known children.

Nathan Drake

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