Captain Alejandro Muñoz

Chilean Air Force pilot


Captain Alejandro Muñoz


High Concept: Chilean Air Force pilot
Trouble: Bobby Ortega has never forgiven me
Secretly a math genius


Careful +2
Clever +1
Flashy +0
Forceful +2
Quick +3
Sneaky +1


Because I am in the Chilean military, once per session I can call in a favor from Chilean loyalists.

Because I am an amazing pilot, I get a +2 bonus to carefully fly a plane when under duress.

Stress Consequences
1 2 3 2 4 6
(None) (None) (None)

Capt. Muñoz goes back a few years with Nathan Drake. They met through Sully while on a trip to Lima. Back then, he was just a pilot for hire, and they needed someone with more skill than either of them to make a tough flight through the Andes.

Now, settled in his homeland of Chile, he has climbed quickly to the rank of captain in the Chilean Air Force. Nate and Sully have kept in touch with him as he rose through the ranks, and they have often been searching for opportunities to help each other.

He has helped deliver our heroes safely to Punta Arenas, but his commanding officer has asked him to report to Conception.

Captain Alejandro Muñoz

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