Uncharted: Magellan's Gambit

Session 1: It's Getting Chile in Here!

A Fine Day to a Visit South America

Jacob got a call from his old pal, Nathan Drake, and was off to the races right away building the team they would need to get by.

Drake said that he had found some information at the National Maritime Museum in London that seemed to conflict with what history had said about a certain part of Magellan’s voyage around the world.

He found evidence that Magellan actually stayed around the southern tip of Chile, Punta Arenas, for longer than history lets on. Drake believes that he would not have done so if he did not have a good reason, namely, gold… which was found in the area in the 19th century.

With that, the travelers met up in Miami and then made the long flight to Santiago to meet up with Drake’s friend and expert pilot, Captain Alejandro Muñoz… only to be ambushed by some well-armed Asians when they arrived.

They escaped the attack and made for Punta Arenas. They ended their long day by searching around the famous Magellan statue in the city. Herona uncovered a secret which revealed the name of Magellan’s ship: the Nao Victoria.

Here’s the session:



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